Selasa, 04 April 2017

Dewa Athena IX

Hi guys...Now I'm gonna tell you about my experience in Dewa Athena, but first what is Dewa Athena? Dewa Athena is a sport event from school. This event has been held for 9 years. It is for 10th grade and 11th grade.  It was on 23-25 March and 8 April, at 23-24 March the 11th graders are the ones who play , at 25 March and 8 April, the 10th graders play. The sport in this event is soccer, basketball, badminton, volleyball, running, gobak sodor, thug of war, and dodge ball.

At 25 March, I arrived at Bali Field at 7 pm. The first game for us, X MIPA 5 is girls badminton. The player are Dilla and Upi. At first we hope we can win the game but eventually we lost it, but that is okey because that is still the first game. Our second is basketball and the players are Galih, Fulvian, Fadhlan, Andika, and Agys. They play very well, even at first both team struggling on getting point but in the end my class can dominate the game. We made a score 20-2. As you can see we win the game.Since beginning I already know my class will win the game because they are good on play basketball. The next game is running. It is against science 7. Sadly we lost this game because we had a bad start. Then there was girl soccer. I play along with salfia, fina, mia and welya, but because we are bad at this so we lost the game, pathetic. To show we are really bad is the score we got is zero and our rival got 5.

We already lose 3 games in this, so we tried to win the next game whiches thug of war. I do not join this game because I am not really strong to play this. So to make this work we choose the one who strong enough. At first they did pretty good, but I do not why they lost rhytym so they fall and we lost the game again. Nothing change for the second round we still lose the game for the 4th time. The next game is girls dodgeball and still we hope we can win the game. We do not lose faith. Our player who looks good on this is Beta, but the other is not good enough so that is why we lose the game again for I think the 5th time.

We had a break. We ate and pray, after that we wait to watch Volleyball. Some of my classmates join this. It is we against science 3. Unfortunately science 3 is very good on Volleyball meanwhile we science 5 not as good as them. So we have to accept defeat. After that there was male soccer. We played against science 9 and again and again we lost 9-1. It is worst than girls soccer to be honest. I do not know what to say for this. Maybe we are not good at sport. It is not the end, we still have male badminton, but sadly we still lose. So in total we loses 8 games. Sad I know hehe but it is okey there is still another time. Even we lost some of the game we had fun that day.

So That's all from me thank you for reading.