Selasa, 28 Februari 2017

Learning From Nature

Nature is phenomena of physical world collectively including plants, animals and landscape and other features and product of the earth. Earth has evolved through geological and biological prozesses that have left traces of the original condicitons. The outer surface is divided into several gradually migrating tectonic plates. On the arth, there is also atmosphere, climate and weather.Now, the atmosphere on earth is not as good as before. Actually  earth’s atmosphere is a key factor in sustaining the ecosystem. The atmospheric pressure declines steadily with altitude. The ozon layer plays an important role in depleting the amount of UV radiation that reaches the surface. (Retreave from Wikipedia, 21-o2-2017)
                                Nature also have some benefit for us. First Nature is a cure. It is a cure because it can reduces anger, fear, stress, and it can increases pleasant feelings towards us. I feel all of the benefit from nature. There is a moment when I was in a bad mood and the climate is really hot that day so it makes me more in an unpleasant mood. Otherwise there is also a moment when it was rain and it makes my heart melt because rain can smooth and brightened my day. I do not even know why it can be happened but it did. So basically climate has a big effect on your day. It determine your mood, wheter change your mood into good or worse. Second, nature soothes. It mean that nature can distracted us from our pain and discomfort. Like I said before nature has a big part of our day. It happened to me when I was not in a good state. I like to listening to a music and it can be more perfect if it is rain. Probably for others, do what I did is only make you more sad  but for me that actually can take away my pain. It can make me feel better in the end. The third is nature restores. It Is basically the same. Nature give us positive mood and psychological wellbeing. The last one is Nature connects. People who lived in green environment have stronger feelings of unity with neighbours. You can see people who live in an apartement and who lived in a block that has a small park. There is a big different on how they react with other. The one who live in an apartement usually more individualis. They do not really care on what happen outside. Otherwise people who live in a block have a good realitionship with other. They care on what happening outside and have a good interaction with their neighbours.

                                As we know nature give us a lot of benefit. So if we want to keep that benefit for a long time, we have to protect our nature by ourself, we also have to maintain the nature really well. Then the nature will show us how beauty nature is. I hope that people will realize what nature had given to us and we can protect it to be a better world.

Selasa, 31 Januari 2017

Hi!!! It's me againn. Now I'm gonna say thank you to someone that helped me and I feel so grateful for that.

The first one is my brother. Why him? It's because he is willing to sacrifice his time just to accompany me. It happened last week when my parents are not home, he supposed to be sleep in his friend house but because he know that I was alone at home, he cancelled his plan immediately. What a sweet brother right!. I didin't expect him to did that but then my expetation is wrong. So thank you for doing that really.

The second one is my close friend. Her name is Salsa. I'm so grateful for her because she gave me some food when I did not brought my lunch. I was really starving that day but she is so kind and gave me some of her food so thank you sal, you save me from starvation.

The next one is my driver, his name is Mr. Asep. I am really really have to thank him because he is the one who accompany me everywhere I go also he is very loyal to my family. He is my driver for 4 years and he also protect me like when it is rain and I do not bring an umbrella he call me to just stay inside so he will come and get me with the umbrella. So once again than you very much for everything.

Selasa, 17 Januari 2017

My Last Holiday

Hello guyss......It's been a long time since I update on my blog because it's holiday and I just enjoy it with doing nothing. But now I'm gonna tell you about my holiday. So enjoyyyy......

on 24th of December is my first holiday. I'm really excited about it cause I've been waiting for long long time after finished the final exam. You must be know the feeling after having so much stress or hardworking for your lesson and finally it's time for holiday it's really great like you already have a long list of what will you do when holiday come. No scholl, no homework, not even a test so it's like my freedom is actually come.
It's also near New Years Eve that's the most exciting part on this. You must be celebrate it with your family or friend and I bet you won't ever miss it.

As for me on the first holiday I spent it by watching a lot of movie or you can say movie marathon. It's on the top of my list you know hehe. I bought  lot of movie and snack and brought them back home. I took my laptop, snack and drink to my bedroom. I feel relaxed by just doing it, feels like I'm in heaven. I spent all day in my bedroom with my laptop and sometimes went out for eat, other than that I stay inside. Sounds boring maybe but it's worthed it. You have to try. My mom not even mad at me because I stay up late cause she know it's my freedom moment and she know too when it's school I couldn't do it. She's not even bother me so I stay until 12 o'clock.

When it's close to New Years Eve I must pick up my dad in the airport. It's also a coincidence because that day is 31th December. So my btrother and I made a plan after pick up my dad, we would go to Paris Van Java. We're gonna have dinner in there. At first we pick Solaria but in the end we moved to Suki-Suki because something silly happened in there. You want to know what is it? I'll tell you. So when we come to Solaria we pick the menu and after choose what we want to eat, we just gave the paper to the waitress and waited on our table. We waited so long for our food. We're getting suspisions and try to asked the waitress and she said if we had to pay first then we can get the food. I didin't know if it just in there or most Solaria is like that I don't even know. So because we've been waiting for so long we lost our appetite so we just cancelled it and move to another restaurant.

In the end we're having dinner in Suki-suki restaurant. It's quite expensive but you just having it once so I won't waste it. It's not like I'm always eat in there so it's the first time on forever. After finished we didin't know what we're gonna do next so we just walked around. Finally we decided that we would just buy grilled corn near Dago. It's pretty cool. At first I would buy a firework but because I'm too lazy to play it so that's not happened. I just bought a lot of food and spent the countdown by just ate my snack.

Other than that I spent my holiday by hang out with my friend from junior high school. I didin't meet with her for a long time so I basically miss her. We hang out in Trans Studio Mall and had lunch in Giggle Box. After lunch we just walked around and see some clothes in there. After that we did a photo box and the result is so cute. My friend want to bought something first before we went home, so I just accompany her but I didin't by anything. After that we just went home.

The rest of my holiday was spent by learn how to drive a car. I just tried on first and second gear and tried to take a turn to the right and left. My father and my brother is my instructur so I don't have to pay hehe.

I think that's the rest of my holiday...... I'm sorry if it made you boring but for me it's the greatest moment in my entire holiday

Kamis, 03 November 2016

A Father Learn A Lesson From His Son

Velan was a carpenter. He was living in a village. His mother dies a long time back. His aged father, Kuppan, lived with Velan. Kuppan was very weak. He could not even walk well. He was so weak. It was because Velan did not give him enough food. He had given his father a small earthen plate. Even a small quantity of rice in the plate appeared to be much. Velan was a bad man. He was a drunkard also. After taking drinks, he abused his father badly. 

Velan had a son. His name is Muthu. Muthu was just ten years old. He was a very good boy. He loved his grandfather. He had great respect for his grandfather. He did not like his father’s attitude and character, because his father was treating his grandfather cruelly. 

One day Kuppan was eating his food out of earthen plate that his son had given to him. The earthen plate fell down. The plate broke into pieces. The food also fell on the floor. Velan was working at the other end of the room. He saw the broken plate. He was very angry with his father and used very harsh words to abuse his father. The old man felt bad about what happened. He was sorry for his mistake. Velan’s words wounded him very deeply. 

Velan’s son, Muthu, saw this. He did not like his father. His father was ill-treating his grandfather. He was afraid to speak against his father. He was sad about his grandfather. But he was not powerful to stand in support of his grandfather. 

The next day Muthu took some of his father’s carpentry tools and a piece of wood. He worked with the tools to make a wooden plate. His father saw him working. 

“What are you making, Muthu?" he asked. 

“I am making a wooden plate!" replied Muthu. 

“A wooden plate! What for?" asked his father. 

“I am making it for you, father. When you grow old, like my grandfather, you will need a plate for food. A plate made from earth mat break very easily. Then I may scold you severely. So, I want to give you a wooden plate. It may not break so easily." 

The carpenter was shocked to hear this. Only now he realized his mistake. His father was kind to Velan He had looked after Velan very well. Now, he was old. Velan was treating his father severely. Velan was now very sad about his own behavior. He realized his mistakes. He then became a different person.

From that day, Velan treated his father with great respect. He gave up drinking too. Velan learnt a lesson from his own son. 

Question :
1. Who is Kuppan?
A. Muthu's father
B. Velan's grandfather
C. The carpenter
D. Muthu's grandfather
E. Vellan's maid 

2. What makes Velan's father feel so weak?
A. His son abused him
B. He got starved 
C. He worked so hard
D. He made a lot of wooden plate
E. He was tired

3. What makes Velan finally realized his mistake?
A. His son tell him that he would do the same thing what his father did to his grandpa
B. He pity his father because he was old and can't do anything
C. His father take care of him when he was child
D. His dad break the wooden plate 
E. He remember what his mom told him before she died 

4. Then I may scold you severely.......
    The underlined word has the same meaning with, except.....
A. Snap
B. Rage
C. Angry
D. Insult
E. Harsh

5. What can we learn from that story?
A. We should respect elder people
B. Don't give your father not enough food
C. We should respect our parents all the time
D. Don't break wooden plate
E. Don't say such a harsh word to other people  

Minggu, 23 Oktober 2016

A cute little bird called Bee Hummingbird

Do you guys know anything about Bee Hummingbird? or even see about this animal? I bet not all of you know about it. So that's why I want to introduced and make you remember that this animal is exist even you never see it before. But first, let's see the apperance of Bee Hummingbird
So after you see the picture, I know what comes to your mind........You must be think 'Oh my god that bird is so small  and look so cute!!' That's correct guys the weight of this bird is around 1.6–2 g and a length of 5–6 cm so yeahh it's actually the smallest living bird. This bird is endemic to the entire Cuban archipelago, including the main island of Cuba and the Isle of Youth in the West Indies. Oh ya I forget about the classification of it. I think it's kind of importent  because it can be useful when you're in biology class hehe. Who knows right?

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Aves
Order: Apodiformes
Family: Trochilidae
Genus: Mellisuga
Species: M. helenae

    Do you know which one is a female and which one is a male? The female is on the left and male is on the right. How could I know?It's quite easy if you know the difference appearance between male and female bee hummingbird. For male hummingbirds, they have bright feathers to attract females and deter males by expressing their dominanc. A patch of brightly-colored feathers on the necks of males is known as a groget. A groget's color range includes red, purple, orange, blue and pink.  As for the females, the feathers are often brown or dull green.

You know guys when I knew about this I thought like even animals have their own way to attract or to find  their partner, so it's not just human who can do it but also another living being. So if we want to get a partner or you can say girlfriend/boyfriend, you have to think how to make he/she like you or feel safe around you. Okey enough that's out of the topic hehe sorry guys, so just let's back to the topic.

As for the size, female hummingbirds are typically larger than males. Why? because females lay eggs and their bodies need to be able to support this process, from laying on top of the eggs to keem them warm.